About Us

Saving the dogs of Syros!



Help us help the stray dogs of Syros island in Greece. The Syros Shelter has been hosting stray dogs for 12 years now and currently has 35 dogs. We aim at not only saving the dogs’ lives and finding them homes, but also to raise awareness about animal protection in the island. Share our work and our page and help us find homes for the dogs and also raise funds for their medication, food, and daily expenses of the shelter. Most of our dogs are old since they are found abandoned in the countryside, hurt and hungry, and therefore have many medical expenses.


Please donate and help us help them, if you would like to donate for a specific purpose please message us.




Filozoiki Omada Syrou (Φιλοζωική Ομάδα Σύρου)
Bank Account: Ethniki Bank 469/002691-38
IBAN: GR33 0110 4690 0000 4690 0269 138
or through the links on this website: http://k9aid.org/syros-dog-shelter/