Adoption Info

All of the dogs in our shelter are looking for a home.

If you are interested in adopting a Syros dog, please read all the information below and contact us via email on or via Facebook messenger.


1. The new dog owner must sign the Solemn Declaration agreement, agree to all the terms, and return it to the shelter.
2. Before any adoption, we always meet the potential dog owners and check the space that the dogs will be living in.
3. We prefer that the dogs live inside in a home, but if that is not possible and they live in an outside area, this area must be well closed off so that there is no chance for the dog to leave and the dog should have proper shelter and be protected from weather conditions, as stated by law.
4. New dog owners must comply with all terms of the animal welfare law 4039/2012, and specifically articles 1, paragraph b and article 5 paragraph c.
5. As the law states, the outside space must have a proper shelter area for the dog and the dog must not be tied.
6. The new dog owner is obliged to place the required by law chip to the dog he/she will adopt.
7. If the dog is not neutered or spayed, the new dog owner must neuter/spay the dog as required by law.
8. The dog must not under any conditions be used for hunting, breeding or any other professional purposes.
9. The new dog owner must take the animal to the vet once a year for the appropriate check ups and vaccinations. In the case of sickness, the animal must be taken to the vet sooner.
10. The people of the shelter have the right to check on the dog after the adopting, at the space the dog will be living at and may require the new dog owner to communicate with them about the dog’s progress and adjustment.
11. In case of death, disappearance or accident of the animal, the shelter must be informed immediately.
12. Only veterinarians have the right to decide to put down the animal and only after informing the shelter.
13. If the dog is to be transported, all costs are covered by the new dog owner. The shelter is not able to cover such expenses.

Solemn Declaration pdf
Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση pdf