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Our beautiful dogs looking for new homes…


See more photos of our dogs on our Facebook page. All dog ages were updated in 2019.


Age: 3
Sex: Male

This sweet boy was wondering around a mountain for 2 years and
was finally caught in March 2020! He got neutered, got blood tests and is healthy!
He is now with us at the shelter and we named him Orfea. He is
3 years old, calm, kind and patient. In this photo he is still tired by
being abandoned outside but he will be better soon! Sweet Orfeas
is looking for a home or a foster home. If you are interested please
message us.


Age: 10-11
Sex: Male

Ektoras is one of the new dogs at the shelter. He came to us in March 2020
after he was tied up for 10-11 years with a 3 meter chain in a small
and dirty space. His back legs are weak due to his horrible living
conditions but he will get better soon. He was also at first scared to
be petted but now he is doing much better and is a lovely dog!! He
is looking for a family that will offer him the love and comfort he needs!
Until then, we will offer him the best possible life at the shelter and for
that we need your help.


Age: around 4-5
Sex: Female

We named yer Beyon, she is the doggie that was abandoned on 29/3/2020.
We have a few updates on her as well as the dogs that were abandoned
2 days later and we will keep you informed. She did all blood tests and is on
treatment for low blood cells. After she is better she will be neutered. She is
a very sweet, loving and obedient dog. Soon she will look much better and
be healthy! She is looking for her forever home!

Mickey + Elsa

Age: 5 (Mickey), 1-2 (Elsa)
Sex: Male + Female

These two tinny doggies were abandoned in March 2020 at the island.
We were horrified by their conditions and the fact that they were thrown
over a 2.5m fence. Elsa was pregnant, underweight and Mickey had
wounds all over his body from scissors!! Elsa found her forever family while
Mickey is recovering with us at the moment and will soon find his forever
home too!


Age: 5
Sex: Female

The new dog at the shelter (came December of 2019) is named Adigoni
but we also call her Omorfi which means Beauty and we cannot stop telling
her how beautiful she is!! She was found with a chain a while ago and since
no one was looking for her she is now in search of her forever family!
She is a beautiful 5 year old lady, 33kl and neutered. She is a happy dog,
loves affection and people and kids!


Age: 4
Sex: Female
Souzi is the youngest dog at our shelter, about 4-4.5 years old.
We found her as a puppy abandoned in a village of the island,
and she was adopted by someone who could not keep her anymore
due to important reasons. So, we decided to take her back to provide
her a good life until she finds the perfect forever family. She is a very
happy and playful dog, listens well, and she does well with all other dogs.
She can play nonstop with her ball and will offer you tremendous amounts of love.

 Filio (adopted)

Age: 3
Sex: Female
Filio is looking for a home! She is the newest member of the shelter,
just 3.5 years old. She had been adopted from the shelter when she
was a puppy, but unfortunatelly circumstances brought her back…
She is very sweet, playful, calm, she goes along well with all other
dogs and she is a happy and affectionate dog. She is hesitant and
is afraid of men but loves women. She is a small sized pointer,
spayed and has done all her shots.


Roxy (passed away)

Age: 7
Sex: Female
Roxy is the most innocent soul. She was found abandoned
on a mountain with her siblings, near the shelter. She is
very quiet and is friends with all dogs in the shelter.
She loves people and kids and is very, very kind.
Roxy is the perfect company for everyone and will be very
loving to her parents. She is a labrador mix.

 Demis (adopted)

Age: 7
Sex: Male
Demis was abandoned tied on a leash in a tree.
He was lucky that we found him soon and took him in.
He is a darling! Very sweet dog who wants hugs and
wants to be petted all the time, and, he listens to orders.
Like all dogs in our shelter, he is asking for a forever home.


Age: 10
Sex: Female
Bella is a sweet lady that was found in a box when she was a
puppy with her brother Tsoko, and ever since she has been at
the shelter. She is a calm, kind and lovely dog and she
considers the shelter her home. How can she not, she
has not lived anywhere else. She feels safe in her cage and she
takes her time to trust people she doesn’t know. She is harmless,
but a bit scared. She does not have a problem with the other
dogs, she knows how to walk on a leash and want she really
needs is someone to spend time with her and show her love.
In the summer of 2018, she had surgery to amputate her leg due
to cancer.


 Rudy (adopted)

Age: 6
Sex: Male
Rudy was found walking around the streets of Ermoupolis and
he did not bother anyone, until one day he fell in love with a
female dog and would not leave her doorstep. The neighbors
were annoyed by his presence and began to threaten his life.
So Rudy was taken in by our shelter. He very smart, playful,
and very affectionate. He is looking for his forever home
with parents that will love him as much as he will love them.



Age: 9
Sex: Female
Christa is a very sweet girl, very friendly dog. She loves to
play and she is perfect for a family! She was abandoned in
the airport of Syros and found as a puppy, since then she
has lived at the shelter. She makes strong bonds with other
dogs in the shelter, but 2 of her best friends were adopted.
She is a medium sized dog in need for love.


 Mavroulis (adopted)

Age: 9
Sex: Male
Mavroulis is one of the sweetest dogs of the shelter! He
appeared between the area Lazareta and the shelter. He
followed two ladies in their walk and found food and water
outside a store, until one day a car hit him. He broke his spine,
but thankfully he became well. Since then, he has been in our
shelter and we really do not understand how he has not yet
been adopted! He is the sweetest, kindest dog!


 Tom (adopted)

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Tom is a dog with an amazing character and is always smiling!
He found abandoned and abused, full of wounds on his back.
After surgery and a lot of care, he has become a happy dog
and is a star at the shelter. He is playful, very affectionate and
full of life. He is a very loving dog that give back all the love you
give him.


Markos (adopted)

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Markos was found walking around in a horrible condition. All of
his bones were showing and he could barely walk. He is a hunting
dog and was probably abandoned as he was not useful any more.
With a lot of care, love and a great effort, he became a wonderful
and happy dog and is still in the shelter with us. He always looks
for hugs and petting and he is a very sweet boy!


 Sissy (adopted)

Age: 9
Sex: Female
Sissy has been in the shelter since she was 40 days old and is now 9
years old. She was found with her brothers and sisters on a mountain
near the shelter and it was a matter of time until they did not survive
by themselves. In mountain, where someone abandoned them, there
no food for the puppies can find and there are many threats from
other animals. She is very calm and always wants hugs! She is very
giving and would be a wonderful addition to any family, although she
does need her time to be comfortable around people she doesn’t know.
She is playful but at the same times she likes to lay by herself. She is
not very familiar with kids, so the best home for her is a home with
older kids.


 Tony (adopted)

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Tony is always smiling and always wants affection! He was found
walking around very skinny, with all his bones showing. He was in a
very bad condition but now is a happy dog that is looking for his forever
home. He is very social and loves going on walks and being petted. He
will love his parents even more than they will love him!



Age: 11
Sex: Female
This beautiful girl has a strong personality and is selective with the dogs
she hangs out with especially the female ones, as she likes to be the
leader of the pack. She love the time when she gets to go outside her cage
and run along with her sister Tzenoula. Xionoula’s role is to watch over
the shelter and she lets us know if she notices something strange. When
her walk is over, she always listens and goes into her cage. With us,
she learned to trust people again as with her sister they went through
some very hard times from their previous owners. She is happy, but she
will always need a home with parents who will love her and ideally to be
along with her sister too. She has does really well with children and people.



Age: 11
Sex: Female
Jenny is a chubby girl! Her character is very different than her sisters,
Xionoula. She has the heart of a puppy, she is so innocent and quiet,
calm girl. She listens to commands, she loves hugs and she is really likes
to eat! She likes going on walks and being around people, kids and other
dogs. She protects her loved ones and her space, but loves to play. She is
eager to meet her life outside the shelter.


Ismini (adopted)

Age: 9
Sex: Female
Ismini was abandoned and since then she has been with us in the shelter.
She loves affection and is full of energy, and, she loves treats!
She is sweet and is looking for her forever home with parents that
will give her all the love she needs.



Age: 10
Sex: Male
Champi came to the shelter along with his mommy and 7 siblings, almost
8,5 years ago. He is the SWEETEST dog! He is a bit chubby and has the
cutest bear face. He is very playful and of course he loves to be petted.
What else could this amazing dog ask other than a forever home that is
as loving as he is?



Age: 9
Sex: Female
Bree is a sweet girl, sister to Kris. She is medium sized, around 18kl.
She has a wonderful character, very quiet and calm, she listens to
commands and she loves hugs. She is VERY friendly with everyone,
people and other animals. She is ideal for a home and family, and is
eager to meet her life outside the shelter.



Age: 9
Sex: Female
Chris may seem like a common dog, but she is not! She is a very
affectionate, sweet and calm. She is Bree’s sister. Her eyes are melancholic
and anyone can tell that she suffered and that she needs more love and
needs to be in a home. It is clear that she did not have good experiences
before we found her. She is very friendly with everyone and other dogs,
she is perfect to be in a home!



Age: 11
Sex: Male
Christos is the brother of Mario. They came to the shelter when they were
30 days old. They are inseparable and cannot live without each other. Christos
is sweet, playful and affectionate. He is a very smart, beautiful dog, full of
energy and strength! Like Mario, he does not have the best relationship with
other adult dogs, but they love children.



Age: 11
Sex: Female
Mario is the sister of Christos. They came to the shelter when they were 30
days old. They are inseparable and cannot live without each other. She is a
very smart, beautiful dog, full of energy and strength, but she does need to
lose some weight. She is quieter than her brother, very affectionate and listens
to commands once you gain her trust. Like Christos, she does not have the
best relationship with other adult dogs, but they love children.



Age: 11
Sex: Female
Cookie was named for her love of treats! She has a wonderful character,
listens to people, and is very calm. She is a bid scared of people she doesn’t
know but when she receives affection she gives it back too! She has been abused
by people in the past and we have promised her a family that will love her and
make her happy. Her behavior is amazing with all dogs in the shelter. She is
perfect for company, and would be best in a quiet, calm home.


 Kelly (in foster care)

Age: 10
Sex: Female
Kelli is a sweet dog that has suffered abandonment like so many other dogs.
She is calm, listens to commands, she is very smart and very affectionate.
She is a sweetheart and will make the parents that decide to adopt her happy!



Age: 8
Sex: Male
Sotiris is a very sweet and kind dog! He was abandoned in the shelter in a
cardboard box with his siblings, which have been adopted. He is still looking
for someone who will love him and allow him to give love back. He is energetic and loves to receive and give hugs.



Age: 11
Sex: Female
We found Jerry as a puppy on the mountain along with her 5 siblings,
next to their dead mother. She is very quiet, kind and loving, and a bit
hesitant with people she doesn’t know. She protects her space and the
people she loves and she doesn’t really like dogs she doesn’t know.
She is an ideal companion for people who will give her space and love,
and who want a kind companion and who don’t have other dogs.


 Aglaia (passed away)

Age: 10-11
Sex: Female
We found her on a mountain with her back full of wounds. She was one of the
most hurt dogs we took in the shelter. She has gone through a lot and seems
melancholic, but is a very sweet and giving dog! She needs an opportunity to be happy.


 Babis (adopted)

Age: 6
Sex: Male
Babis is a unique dog with a great personality! As a puppy someone threw
him into the shelter and since then the shelter has been his home, but he deserves
so much more. Anyone who adopts him will be very lucky. He is affectionate
and kind, loves to be petted and is very quiet. He does great with other animals.


 Bonnie (passed away)

Age: 11
Sex: Female
Bonnie was found right outside of the shelter when was just a small puppy,
so skinny that her bones were showing. She had no strength and could barely
stand up. More than 20 days were needed for her to gain her strength, she had
a lot of food and a lot of care from our team. She is still waiting for her forever
home and for parents who will love her because she is the sweetest and kindest
dog, with an She has now developed some issues with her legs, but her excellent
sense of smell and excitement to explore due to her hunting instincts are still there!


Martha (passed away)

Age: 13
Sex: Female
Martha has been in our shelter since she was 30 days old, after someone abandoned
her. For the first few months she was crying all the time after her separation with
her mother, and she always wanted hugs. Now, she is a wonderful, calm, pointer
dog. She is a bit hesitant with people she doesn’t know, but after a few minutes
she is asking for hugs. She has an amazing character, hears orders, and has a great
personality ideal for any parent. She will definitely need some adjustment time in
her new home and parents as she has only known the shelter as a home.


Pilla (passed away)

Age: 12
Sex: Female
Pilla has been in the shelter from day 1! She has suffered the worst abasement we
have seen. Her entire body and neck was tied in a rusty wire mesh and her flesh
and wire had become one!! It was a struggle for her to recover, but she has
become a lovely dog. She has skin issues and the environment in the shelter
worsens her symptoms. Please if you are able to foster this wonderful dog or
even better adopt her, give her a chance! She is a proper lady, she does not dirty
her space in the shelter and goes to the toilet outside, she knows how to walk
on a leash, she listens to commands, she is very sweet and very social with people
as well as with other dogs. We truly hope she finds a forever home and parents
who will end her discomfort and offer her warmth and love.



Age: 10
Sex: Female
Lora was found as a puppy near the shelter. She recently had surgery to
remove her cancer. She is an independent dog that is scared easily of
people she doesn’t know and she trusts only a few members of the shelter
who she knows well. She is very quiet and calm and she likes to hang out
with male dogs. She needs a person who is going to be able to spend
time with her so she feels safe and gets to socialize more. She is a beautiful girl
and has never caused any harm to people or other dogs. Recently, she developed
a tumor and underwent surgery.


 Ektoras (adoped)

Age: 9
Sex: Male
A boy with honey colored eyes! He is not a small sized dog, or a white one..
he does not have long ears or is furry.. but, he has two extremely expressive
honey colored eyes and a truly great character! He is so special! When you
go by his cage he gives you his hand so you can notice him. He is very
calm and has a very sweet character. Very social, kind, loves to be petted,
and likes all people and animals.


 Fivi (adopted)

Age: 6-7
Sex: Female
She is an adorable dog that was abandoned at the shelter at age 2 along with
her 3 brothers. She is full of energy and always wants attention and hugs.
When you go by her cage she always wants your attention and loves treats.
She cannot bare the conditions of the shelter and is in much need of a home
and a family. She will win you heart from the first moment you meet her
with her great personality.


 Vaggelis (passed away)

Age: 11
Sex: Male
Our boy Vaggelis was diagnosed with a form of cancer that cannot be treated.
We are looking for a special person who will take him away from the
shelter and spoil him for the rest of his life! He is an amazing creature!
He lived for many years in the main square of Ermoupolis and kids would
ride on his back. People threatened to poison him and someone hit him
regularly. Despite his suffering, Vaggelis has a wonderful heart and offers
love to everyone. He also does have epilepsy but that does not bother him
from being a regular dog. Please help us find Vaggelis the forever home
that he deserves!


Aliki (adopted)

Age: 9
Sex: Female
Aliki is a victim of abandonment with a golden heart. We found her as a
puppy near the shelter full of fleas and ticks. So many that she could barely
open her eyes and they almost filled her entire body. She then miraculously
survived a landslide that used to threaten the shelter before our new
constructions, as a big rock fell into her house and destroyed it. She is a
very sweet dog, calm, and playful. She goes very well with all dogs, is very
protective with her people and a little cautious with the kids in the beginning.
She may look like a regular dog but her character is special to us and it will
surely become special to you when you get to know her. She deserves to live
in a home since she has gone through so much throughout the years.


 Ermis  (passed away)

Age: around 11
Ermis is a hunting dog and was found in a horrible condition, abandoned
because he was not “of use” anymore. He was so skinny that his bones were
showing and when he was found, he could not stop eating. He is very old and
almost blind but it would be great if he lived the rest of his years in a home
with someone who would give him love daily.