How You Can Help



Our shelter is always in need of help, and we are grateful to the people who have

supported us until now.


Three ways in which you can help are:



Donate toward medical costs which month by month increase as our shelter is home to many adult dogs, and for shelter improvements to help us provide them a better life.


Sponsor a Dog

Your donation will cover the costs for the dog you chose to sponsor and you will make their lives so much easier.



We are always in need of volunteers as our shelter is run through the power of volunteer work. If you are interested in helping us, please contact us on facebook or on


Flight Volunteer

We try to find families for our dogs outside Greece also, so we are always in the look out for people travelling from Athens to countries like Canada, USA and other parts of Europe, to act as flight companions for dogs who’ve been adopted abroad.  This does not require any work or expense for the passenger, you will be met at the airport with the dog and someone will meet you at the arrivals terminal at the other end. The dog travels in the cargo compartment of the plane, but it is far cheaper for a dog to travel as “accompanied baggage” than to fly alone. Suitable flights depend on the airline, route & time of year.  If you would like to register your flight, please email us at: